NN General Supplies Overview

In order to keep up with the global market, we always place high emphasis on product innovation aimed at its competitive position in the market and steering towards the supply of most comfortable, affordable and highest quality products for all human being.

Vision Statement

To establish a factory in Tanzania by 2018, by using various stakeholders and produce all our products using manpower, raw material and all the necessities from within so as to improve our economy growth. We believe that togeher we can win!

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Company Overview

In Tanzania, we are well established with a professional sales, marketing, warehousing and distributing team. Consequently, we are able to deal with all the major supermarkets and independent retail operations. We continually source products, which we feel have the potential impact on tthe Tanzanian and International market.

Mission Statement

Distributing best quality products to our customers in Tanzania and outside markets enhancing menstrual hygiene in and outside Tanzania, increasing community stability and empowering women servicing our customers’ and vendors’ needs while exceeding their expectations.

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How NN General Supplies Co Ltd Began

This is where NN General Supplies Co Ltd came with an idea of importing and distributing “Human Cherish Pads” to almost all African countries knowing that people nowadays know and value the importance of using best quality hygiene products.

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Today, menstrual hygiene is being discussed openly, many women and children are aware of the best feminine hygiene products that meet the basic criteria of absorption, comfort and discretion as well as where to find the best products.
a woman’s life is when she experiences her first period. The entrance to womanhood from being a child is a magical transition. At this time, a girl starts developing awareness about her own needs, such as how to manage her periods.
The first role model in a girl’s life is usually her mother. Multiple studies show that a mother gives her daughter advice on important questions such as which products to use during her periods. Friends have a great impact too, and girls talk about products they like. Some products are more accepted, while others are surrounded by taboos. Tradition, culture and education also influence their decisions.